There are many great activities, community groups and services across Scotland which help people to live well and it is important that people can find out what is available in and around their area.

ALISS (A Local Information System for Scotland) is funded by the Scottish Government, delivered by the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE), and co-produced with people living and working in communities to help with this. …

Simon Stewart, SDS Assistant, Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership tells us about working with the ALISS team to produce a service information directory for Dundee City.

A collaboration between Dundee HSCP and the ALISS team allows the people of Dundee to find support services and activities on the ALISS website

The Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership worked in partnership with ALISS (A Local information System for Scotland) to produce service information for the Dundee City area on the ALISS website. Through continued collaboration and service development, ALISS and Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership have made great progress, with Dundee now being the most represented city on ALISS. The next step will be to fully integrate the ALISS service into the Partnership site so that they operate as one.

The Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership had launched its web site. While the launch was a great success, the…

Douglas Maxwell

Reflections of my Digital Health Systems Masters course

I feel lucky…

In fact, I feel very lucky…

I have been gifted an amazing opportunity to study for an MSc in Digital Health Systems at the University of Strathclyde and I am definitely making the most of it! I want to tell you a bit about the course and how I took advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity but before I do I want to briefly explain; why Digital Health?

Firstly, the digital technology market is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world with the UK the…

ALISS review of activities over 2018


Our main principle in the delivery of ALISS is that communities and the people who live in those communities are the best people to know what keep them well. This shapes our technology and it shapes our community engagement work. We’ve delivered ALISS Community Roadshows in Grampian and Highland, where we work with partners to raise awareness of ALISS and ask communities’ “what keeps them well?”. Further roadshows will be held across other areas in the coming year. In addition, we’ve delivered ALISS Editor training sessions in a number of locations throughout Scotland…

Douglas Maxwell, the ALISS Programme Manager, reflects on attending the 18th ICIC in Utrecht and how medical language still affects the balance of power.

I’ve just returned from representing the ALISS Programme and the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE) at the18th International Conference of Integrated Care in Utrecht, which brought together researchers, clinicians and managers from around the world who are engaged in the design and delivery of integrated health and social care.

The way the ALISS Programme shares information has changed with the launch of a new improved website.

ALISS has been in a period of development and after listening to people’s feedback we’ve updated the technology that ALISS runs on and improved the way people search and find services that can help them to live well.

The ALISS team have been working hard over the past few months to ensure we have a range of services that support health and wellbeing in the new website.

We’ve aligned our information collection work with the roll out of NHS 24’s National Service Directory Project and the types of services people need as evidenced from the Links Worker Programme Record of…

ALISS Sprint 4 update

10 November — 24 November

Technical feature releases and work

Define roadmap for front end developer

  • Front end developer starts (induction to back end systems, overview of programme work).
  • Development of Invision mock-up of website — with significant refinement and editing.
  • Create wiki of web pages on GitHub.
  • Preparation for Technical Reference Group.
  • Dealt with a number of bugs.
  • Updated beta website Ts & Cs and Privacy Policy and added to beta site.

ALISS Sprint 3 update

14 October — 10 November

Technical feature releases and work

  • Uploaded the OSCR database to beta website.
  • Removed old entries from
  • Start work on API, including the website layout, code and documentation.
  • Input into Data Standards documentation.
  • Update text on “claim org.” email.
  • Pushed live the “Service coverage” feature.
  • Tech planning for front end developer.
  • Dealt with a number of bugs.
  • Updating SMS text service back-end to work with API.
  • Prototyping an informal information product.
  • Changing the way maps are presented on beta.

ALISS Sprint 2 update

30 September — 14 October

Technical feature releases and work

· Closed the option to select more than one category.

· Added confirmation to actions to allow the user to understand that the action has been successful.

· Set up feature that allows a front end user to search for all the organisations on ALISS and then suggest an organisation to admin team for entry. It’s managed through “unpublished organisation” on admin dashboard.

· Pushed live the feature to filter postcode results by Food, Mental Health, Housing and Homelessness and Money Advice.

· Simplified the workflow…

ALISS Sprint 1 update

11–29 September

Technical feature releases

· Set up Mixpanel analytics system on beta website to understand the actions people take on our website.

· Set up Google Analytics on beta website to understand page views, referral traffic, etc…

· Investigated causes of some Scottish postcodes not being recognised by our database. Updated system with new dataset from National Records of Scotland, Scottish Postcode Directory (SPD)

· Transitioned our website to website (with the old beta website being archived).

· Set up a feature when someone searches for a postcode out-with our currently supported areas…

ALISS Programme

ALISS is an information service which aims to make health and wellbeing support and activities easier to find.

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