The purpose of these FAQ’s is to communicate a range of questions that you as a partner may have. This document is developed for the period from September 2017 to March 2018. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you require any further advice or support.

Q — You’re changing the main website on the 31 January 2018, what does that mean for my embedded search box and customisable webpage?

A — Unfortunately we will no longer be able to support these services and as such you will no longer be able use them after the date shown. However, you will be able to hyperlink the URL on your website.

Q — You’re changing the main website on the 31 January 2018, what does that mean for my hyperlink to your website?

A — Your hyperlink is linked to the main URL and this means you will still be able to link directly to the website.

Q — You’re changing the main website on the 31 January 2018, what does that mean for my API integration?

A — We appreciate your investment into ALISS and as such we will continue to provide the API integration up until 30 March 2018.

· On the 31 January 2018 we change our beta website to our main website and in this interim period we will create an API interface that will convert API version 2 requests into our new database and schema and return in a suitable format. This means that current API partners will be able to continue to surface ALISS content with no technical change requirements on your side.

· On 16 February 2018 we will launch our new API version 3 documentation.

· On 30 March 2018 we will switch off our API version 2 and will only run our API version 3.

Q — I’ve got a collection of resources that I use, what’s going to happen to them?

A — Unfortunately we will no longer be able to support the collection of resources feature. Our new system and website uses a better structure and editorial control system that will reduce duplication and improve the search relevance and accuracy of the data listed. The resources have went through a data migration process, and because our new system and structure is different to the old system and structure it is challenging to migrate them over to the new website. You will be able to use the “Favourites or Bookmark” in your chosen browser to manage your collected organisations and services.

Q — I want to add my own organisation and service, why can’t I just add them myself?

A — Whilst our aim is to enable people and communities to share information about organisations and services that enhance wellbeing; we are also committed to ensuring that the information in ALISS is as useful and accurate as possible.

We recognise that the changes being made require new guidance and training materials so that people can add information in a proper and effective way. We are currently developing these materials in partnership with a range of programme stakeholders. These will soon be made available as will training on how to add and maintain resources. In the meantime the ALISS team will continue to populate ALISS.

Q — You’ve only got a small number of categories that I can select from and I want to add a service that doesn’t have a category, what should I do?

A — We’re using industry standard methods of scaling a service and part of that requires us to go step by step, ensuring we have got a small number of categories correct before we move on to the next categories.

We will launch new categories through a feature release method and we will communicate that to all our partners and system users. At this stage you can add organisations and services that are relevant to our 4 x categories: Money advice, Housing and Homelessness, Mental Health and Food. You can only select 1 category for each service.

Please do not try and “fit” your service into a category, send us an email at and tell us what category you feel you need (this will help us prioritise our next categories).

Q — I’ve heard of this “claim” feature, what does that mean?

A — We believe that the best way to ensure information is accurate is to allow the organisations who deliver the services in ALISS have editorial control, with quality assurance oversight from the ALISS team.

Q — I’ve seen a factual error in the information what should I do?

A — You can report the error by using the “Report a problem with this listing” feature on the webpage you are on.

ALISS is an information service which aims to make health and wellbeing support and activities easier to find.