Developing Service Information with ALISS

Simon Stewart, SDS Assistant, Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership tells us about working with the ALISS team to produce a service information directory for Dundee City.

A collaboration between Dundee HSCP and the ALISS team allows the people of Dundee to find support services and activities on the ALISS website

The Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership worked in partnership with ALISS (A Local information System for Scotland) to produce service information for the Dundee City area on the ALISS website. Through continued collaboration and service development, ALISS and Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership have made great progress, with Dundee now being the most represented city on ALISS. The next step will be to fully integrate the ALISS service into the Partnership site so that they operate as one.

ALISS is an information service which aims to make health and wellbeing support and activities easier to find.